by Adam Bien

Java EE 8, Java 9 and Web Workshops

"...there's a difference between knowing the way, and coding the way"

Airport Munich, Germany

April 2019:

Productivity without frameworks:

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All questions are going to be answered ...with deployable Java EE, HTML 5 and JavaScript code.

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Interview, background information and podcast

Big thanks to airborne alumni from:

USA, U.K, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Latvia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, India, Sweden, Saudi Arabia, Romania, Chile, Serbia, Nigeria, Dubai, Costa Rica, Greece, Hungary

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Today again an amazing Airhacks Workshop in Munich. #microprofile and #JavaEE play together well. Many thanks to @AdamBien for the great day.

— Michael Borchert (@MichaelB0108) December 10, 2018

Gratefully attended #JavaEE architectures workshop. Solid, high cohesion content, real world problems and solutions. Thank you @AdamBien #airhacks

— Steryos Bak. (@istovatis) December 12, 2018

Today again an amazing Airhacks Workshop in Munich. #microprofile and #JavaEE play together well. Many thanks to @AdamBien for the great day.

— Michael Borchert (@MichaelB0108) December 10, 2018

great day! thanks - always sharp and pragmatic @AdamBien #airhacks

— Goran Opacic (@goranopacic) April 19, 2018

Proud to have been an airhacker #airhacks

— Alessandro De Stasio (@a_destasio) April 19, 2018

1/3 days over at #airhacks. Instructive insights from @AdamBien into JavaEE. Looking forward to the next two days!

— Philip Riecks (@rieckpil) March 6, 2018

..."and the cool story is"...I really enjoyed two days of #airhacks. The @Java_EE platform is actually the most effective way to build enterprise software. Thanks @AdamBien

— Alessandro De Stasio (@a_destasio) March 9, 2018

Lots of new cool helpful Java EE and SE stuff today and yesterday at @AdamBien Munich Airhacks Workshops. Thanks very much! We going to hit 300 ms with it 😀

— Michael Borchert (@MichaelB0108) December 14, 2017

docker + thin wars are a perfect match,keep your code simple & dependency free and santa comes from Finland. Thanks for great #airhacks

— Petri Tuomaala (@tuomape) December 14, 2017

Just came home from the HTML5 #Airhacks Workshop (building Baremetal WebApps with WebComponents) with @AdamBien and had a blast! 10/10

— Tobias N. Sasse (@tnsasse) October 27, 2017

3 wonderful and productive days at airhacks in Munich. Never imagine one can learn so much in just 3 days. Thanks @AdamBien !

— Qasim Ali (@QasimSDeveloper) April 7, 2017

Fly, Hack, Fly. Had amazing two days with @AdamBien at the Airhacks Workshop. Thanks everyone. Bonus: got a shirt that compiles in Java 🤓

— Tobias N. Sasse (@tnsasse) April 5, 2017

Headed back home after a week in Munich learning lots of javaEE. #airhacks thanks @AdamBien !

— Brett Tucker (@BrettLTucker) December 11, 2015

Q: How much #code did you delete after #airhacks workshop? - @AdamBien
A: I often revise and delete - at least 30%#javaee7 #productivity

— Bogdan Păun (@bgdnpn) February 25, 2015

@AdamBien thanks for a really great two day #airhacks workshop. my Go/cancellation sample will follow (as a Dockerfile)

— golasgil (@golasgil) January 28, 2015

thrilled to be at the #airhacks workshop tomorrow at MUC airport with @AdamBien demystifying #microservices #Docker #JavaEE7 #Java8

— Daniel Wamara (@KingDWams) January 25, 2015

Inspired by @AdamBien's #airhacks #JavaEE course I managed to get TomEE up and running on a RasberryPi - works a treat!

— (@timfathers) December 18, 2014

Back from #airhacks. Begining to apply new knowledge!

— Albert Lacambra (@albertlacambra) December 11, 2014

@AdamBien Thank you for the week at #airhacks. Looking forward to one of your next workshops, was really a pleasure!

— Dirk Bielemeier (@dirkbielemeier) July 26, 2014

The workshop gets right into practical content without spending (or wasting) a lot of time by going [...]

Thanks @AdamBien for another interesting & clarifying #airhacks workshop! :-)

— Sebastian Daschner (@DaschnerS) April 29, 2014

@AdamBien thank you very much for the eye-opening two days. Still not sure if i like the jsf component based approach, but jee 7 rocks!


As a spring guy, I was skeptical that JEE6 would impress me, but was totally blown away with #JEE this week! #airhacks rocks!!


Thanks for a great workshop! 4 days that totally changed my Java opinions. Definitely worth it, I can recommend!


Had great week in tech and learned a lot about #JEE at #airhacks with @AdamBien. Thanks and thanks for mentioning @canoo and @opendolpin ;-)


Now back to work after 3 days of #airhacks. Got 3 certificates, 2 t-shirts and lots of useful information on #javaee Thanks a lot @AdamBien


#airhacks with @AdamBien checked. Tons of JavaEE6 tips, packed with live-coding examples as takeaway. Looking forward to digest and impl.


Driving home after 2 days of intense #airhacks Workshop with @AdamBien not only Java EE deep dive, but also lots of pragmatic tips


Note to myself after day one of #airhacks training by @AdamBien: clear up with the prejudice that JavaEE is heavyweight and complicated.


Thanks!@AdamBien. had great time in Workshop and learned a lot of about modern Java EE and Java EE UI's #HTMl5 #Angular.js #Vaadin #JavaFX..